Thursday, January 29, 2009


don't have to relink cause i'll be back once i get sick of wordpress

Thursday, January 22, 2009


might be meeting marcus later, but im feeling so tired now. Yawn, should i bring my e-maths to school?! waited for stella with randolph at the library bus-stop and he's stalking me! slacked at 3c2 with the girls while yangwui and the rest were playing basketball. The very smart yangwui asked me to point middle finger at matthew because they can't see what's happening in the classroom and matthew saw! ( curses yangwui!) T-mart with the girls and brought some stuffs. WE GOT FORCED!!!! LINDSAY, ME, HARDI, VISHAL HAVE TO JOIN SINGING COMPETITION!!!! DAMM IT, I CAN'T SING FOR GOODNESS SAKE!! me, lindsay and hardi have to sing while vishal have to dance! :)


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